Is there a minimum order requirement?

Yes, depending on the part, material, and finish

Does Industrial Spring supply material certifications?


What is the typical lead time?

2-6 weeks, depending on the requirements of the part

What industries do you primarily supply?

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Do you stock springs?

No, all parts are custom made

Do you sell spring material?


Can you provide load test data?



What is some terminology for spring design?

Active Coils – Coils which are free to deflect under load

Angular Relationship of Ends – Relative position of hooks or loops of an extension spring to each other

Buckling – Bowing of a compression spring

Close Wound – Adjacent coils are touching

Closed Ends – Ends of compression springs when the pitch of the end coils are reduced to touch the adjacent coils

Closed and Ground Ends – Closed ends but the first and last coils are ground giving a flat bearing surface

Deflection – Motion given to a spring by applying or removing an external load

Elastic Limit – Maximum stress to which a material may be subjected without permanent set

Endurance Limit – Maximum stress, at a given stress ratio, at which a material will operate for a stated number of cycles without failure

Free Angle – Angular relationship between arms of a torsion spring which is not under load

Free Length – Overall length of a spring which is not under load

Initial Tension – A force that keeps coils of a spring closed and which must be overcome before the coils start to open

Mean Coil Diameter – One half of the sum of the outside and inside spring diameters

Modulus in Shear or Torsion – Coefficient of stiffness used for compression and extension springs

Modulus in Tension or Bending – Coefficient of stiffness used for torsion or flat springs

Pitch – Distance from center to center of wire in adjacent coils in an open-wound spring

Plain Ends – End coils of a helical spring having a constant pitch and ends not squared

Plain and Ground Ends – Plain ends except wire ends are ground square with the axis

Rate – Change in load per unit of deflection

Set – Permanent change of length, height, or position after a spring is stressed beyond material’s elastic limit

Solid Height – Length of a compression spring when deflected under sufficient load to bring all adjacent coils into contact